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Celebrate your love!
..and lovelyweddings will document and capture your breathtaking Italian wedding experience at Lake Garda.

Where do you want to get Married?
Salò GargnanoMalcesine BardolinoTorri del BenacoGardaVerona

Get wed in Italy! Clearblue water, surrounded by Lemon- and Olive vineyard or kissing in one of the romantic streets of a villages at Lake Garda.

Weddings in Italy are romantic and fabulous. Whether your want to get Married on the beautiful balcony of Bardolino, the famous Scaglieri castle of Malcesine perched on a cliff overhanging the lake, or the majestic "Sala Consiliera" (big room) in Salò with stunning frescos. Lovelyweddings.eu is there for you to make your fairytale wedding at Lake Garda on to remember. As a professional Photographer I will document your wedding in a spontaneous and modern style. Of course I operate together with the Wedding Planner of your choice.

The arena Lovelyweddings.eu operates in is the whole of Lake Garda, Verona, the city of Romeo and Julia and also Venice. Weddings in Italy really are a breathtaking experience. Look at our Slideshow, asks your Wedding planner or tell us about your desires and wishes to make them come true.

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